Hire Abroad Officially Launches Its Innovative Platform

With our innovative platform, Hire Abroad brings almost two decades of experience in the international recruitment of blue-collar workers. In the previous few months, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on it, making sure it works smoothly for employers and recruiters.

And we’re proud to announce that our Hire Abroad platform is officially here!

Hire Abroad Brings a Unified Solution for Employers and Recruiters

Hire Abroad helps both employers and recruiters solve the main problems they face in their respective businesses.

Employers can now look beyond their surroundings and find highly qualified workers from anywhere in the EU without spending a fortune or wasting time looking for people themselves. All they have to do is submit their job vacancy and let the network of recruiters do what they do best.

Meanwhile, the recruiters get access to a platform built specifically for their needs. They can access a multitude of job offers at any point and focus on the search for the perfect candidates while having everything in one place.

Key Features of Hire Abroad

Hire Abroad is more than just a platform. It’s built by recruiters who have experience in international and blue-collar recruitment. We know exactly what other recruiters struggle with, so we’ve created a platform that caters to their needs. Because of that, employers who join Hire Abroad to look for talent will have a smooth and effortless experience, eventually hiring the best person for the role.

Below, we’ve listed the key features of Hire Abroad:

  1. Automated Matching of Vacancies for Candidates
  2. Email Notifications
  3. Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard

Automated Matching of Vacancies for Candidates

We’ve used the latest technologies and the power of algorithms to help recruiters analyse CVs and suggest the best matches for available positions. 

This can save recruiters hours of manual screening and shorten the search for the best candidate available, which also means that employers don’t have to waste months looking for a skilled worker.

There are a lot of people who have worked abroad before and want to go again. This is common for recruiters and you can reactivate your candidates easily and connect them with the matching offers: 

Once you reactivate the candidate, you will be able to propose them to an agency. Everything on Hire Abroad goes smoothly and this is how proposing candidates looks:

Email Notifications

Employers don’t have to spend their time checking on the progress. They will receive an email notification whenever a recruiter proposes a candidate. They can check everything about that candidate in a few minutes, as all the important details are highlighted.

Also, the notifications can be activated each time a candidate uploads their documents, which makes everything a lot smoother.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With our easy-to-use dashboard, recruiters and employers will have an overview of the proposed candidates, the open position they are applying for, their age, and their status, alongside some other essential information. 

For example, adding candidates goes quickly and you can see the example below: 

You can see and download the documents they’ve uploaded and notes about the candidate if there are any. Should the candidate struggle to upload their documents, you can help them do so:

Adding personal information of candidates on the Hire Abroad platform.

Once they have a complete profile, it will be easy to send them job offers.

Also, the agencies will know exactly when the accepted candidate is arriving and if they should organise a pickup. Everything is predetermined, avoiding back-and-forth communication and saving time for candidates, recruiters, and employers.

Other Features

Hire Abroad keeps all the documents uploaded to the platform safe and helps recruiters develop personal brands and build their businesses by providing them with consistent support. 

As for employers, their job vacancies get translated into different languages, so all they have to do is send us information about the open positions and leave everything to us. Recruiters have an overview of the vacancies at all times so they don’t get lost with multiple offers and propositions.

As you can see, you can add notes about candidates to know exactly what to expect and which step to take. Tracking hours and invoicing is also made easier with Hire Abroad, allowing you to complete everything in one place. Our platform is packed with features that benefit everyone involved.

About Hire Abroad

Hire Abroad is the leading platform empowering employers to seamlessly connect with top international recruiters and access a diverse pool of blue-collar talent. Our platform simplifies the entire process by translating job descriptions and connecting employers with recruiters who actively source the most suitable candidates.

Now that our platform’s officially live, getting in touch with us has never been easier. Just head over to our website homepage and click on Let’s talk and we’ll get back to you quickly. 

Hire Abroad and ensure the smooth growth of your business!


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