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Hire Abroad is your gateway to hassle-free international recruitment. Join successful employers and employment agencies who effortlessly hire the best European blue-collar workers. With Hire Abroad, you gain access to a single platform that revolutionises the entire recruitment process.


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Hire Abroad takes your international recruitment to the next level

Hire Abroad relies on almost two decades of international recruiting experience to create one platform for recruiters and employers. Employers from European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany can post job vacancies, while registered recruiting companies can propose and match their ideal candidates from all across Europe.

How we can help

Hire Abroad Makes It Easy To

Bring more revenue

Candidates who are a great fit will remain on the job longer and bring more revenue to your company.

Reduce overhead costs

Standardise how you find candidates and have one communication line for the selection process to reduce overhead costs.

Reduce no-show rate to 5%

Because of a more-targeted selection process, your company can reduce the no-show rate to just 5%.

Increase satisfaction

Higher satisfaction for the jobseekers, recruitment and employment companies. Our net promoter score is 80.

Message from our CEO

“In 17 years, we helped 40,000 people land jobs abroad. This has helped us identify major issues employers, job seekers, and recruiters face. With Hire Abroad, our goal is to make international recruitment accessible and profitable for everyone.“

Johan van Zutphen

Hire Abroad CEO, Co-Founder

What else should you know?

Hire Abroad is a premier company specializing in seamless recruitment solutions for blue collar workers from EU countries, catering to employers in the Netherlands and beyond. Our platform simplifies the entire process by translating job descriptions and connecting employers with recruiters who actively source the most suitable candidates. With our extensive database and data-driven approach, we ensure that individuals find the best positions and living arrangements abroad based on past successful experiences.
Hire Abroad is designed to benefit employers, employment agencies, and individuals who can provide work contracts and living conditions for foreign workers in Western Europe. It is particularly useful for small and medium-sized recruitment agencies, freelance recruiters seeking constant access to job vacancies, and those ready to embark on an international working experience.
At Hire Abroad, we provide a specifically-designed and user-friendly platform that caters to the needs of employers, recruiters, and job seekers. Our platform features job ads from employers and all the necessary tools and features recruiters need for candidate search and communication. Job seekers can register, apply for jobs, and submit the required documentation through our platform.
Joining Hire Abroad as a recruiter or candidate is completely free of charge. We only charge employers for posting their job vacancies and assisting them in hiring foreign workers who are ready to move and start working quickly.

Candidates create their profiles through the links they receive from recruiters. They can browse through job offers and apply to positions that pique their interest. Recruiters will then contact the candidates, schedule interviews, and facilitate the hiring process. Employers will receive the necessary paperwork from recruiters and take care of accommodation and transportation arrangements to ensure a smooth transition to the new job.

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