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Are you a recruiter that wants to increase your revenue, get access to more job vacancies and open up a new market? This eBook is perfect for you!

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Tap Into the Dutch Market

Understanding how to access the Dutch Market and the mindset business owners and employment agencies in the Netherlands have will prepare you for taking your first steps.

Get Employment Agencies

Learn everything about employment agencies and how to find legitimate companies, as well as what branch organisations and collective labour agreements are.

Tackle Paperwork

Learn about different types of contracts agencies sign with candidates, what BSN is and why it is essential for workers, and why living and working contracts are separate.

Explain Rights to Candidates

Learn more about international workers rights in the Netherlands (which are one of the best in Europe) and ET Regeling. Meet candidates’ expectations and questions with facts.

Break Through Culture Shock

See offered accommodation units and how transportation is regulated for international employees. Also, we touched upon the Dutch culture and business etiquette.

See How Hire Abroad Helps

Become more familiar with Hire Aborad, what we offer to the agencies and how we deal with the challenges European recruiters face. We help you grow by focusing on recruitment

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What Opportunities Lie in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is Popular Among Job Seekers

The Netherlands has the second-highest minimum wage in Europe, with €1,934.40. Furthermore, the country offers one of the best working and living conditions for international workers, and it is often on the target list of candidates who want to work abroad.

Market Shortage is a Great Opportunity for Recruitment Agencies

There’s a shortage of labour in all sectors due to the crisis, demographic aging, and the lack of new workers. The best way for the companies to get workers is through employment and recruitment agencies active in the Netherlands and Europe, which is where your recruitment agency comes in.

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The eBook will give you leverage over competitors because you will become fully familiar with the Dutch market. If you ever get stuck and don’t know where to go, remember that Hire Abroad always has a large number of vacancies open! Get your free eBook and start recruiting. It is up for grabs!

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