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Elevate the profitability of your recruitment business with our all-in-one platform.

Unlock Opportunities for International Recruiters

  • Focus solely on recruitment, while we handle the rest.
  • Gain access to hundreds of job offers in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.
  • Leverage our automated matching system with a track record of 40,000 successful matches.
  • Effortlessly send requests, invoices and propose candidates.
  • Platform

    Hire Abroad Platform

    Finding the right employment agency to partner with can be challenging. With Hire Abroad, you can gain access to a wide range of job vacancies, simplifying your recruitment process. Hire Abroad connects carefully selected stakeholders involved in international recruitment:
    • Blue-collar workers from the EU willing to relocate abroad.
    • Employers that can facilitate EU workers
    • Recruiters from Eastern and Southern Europe

    Collaborate with top-tier employers who value your efforts and offer fair conditions for international labour.

    All It Takes is 3 Simple Steps


    Start the onboarding process

    Go through a seamless onboarding process to familiarise yourself with our platform. Once onboarded, you can begin recruiting.


    Match candidates with vacancies

    Contact and match candidates to numerous vacancies, showcasing your company logo along the way.


    Get paid!

    Earn money for every worker you send to work abroad. With Hire Abroad handling the logistics you can focus on finding a multitude of candidates and boosting your revenue.

    Why choose Hire Abroad?

    Access to hundreds of vacancies

    With Hire Abroad, you’ll have daily access to hundreds of open vacancies in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

    Automated matching of jobseekers

    Leveraging over 40.000 successful matches, Hire Abroad identifies the most qualified candidates for each job.

    Seamless communication

    From registration to invoicing, our experts handle it all, ensuring effortless communication with jobseekers and agencies .

    Message from our CEO

    “Recruiters who joined Hire Abroad have reduced costs, increased their revenue and diversified their income.”

    Johan van Zutphen

    Hire Abroad CEO, Co-Founder

    Want to join them?

    Top recruitment companies are already on Hire Abroad.

    What else should you know?

    As a recruiter, your primary responsibility is to find candidates to fill vacancies. Hire Abroad takes care of secondary matters, allowing you to focus on recruitment. You will send documents and proposals to employers and ensure job seekers receive accurate information about their job and accommodation.

    Working with Hire Abroad provides several benefits.You’ll collaborate with trustworthy employers, experienced in international recruitment offering stability and good working conditions. By focusing on finding candidates, you can allocate more time to placing great candidates, increasing your income. You will also maintain your brand name, logo and website throughout the recruitment process.
    Hire Abroad offers a large number of vacancies at all times, with automated matching of candidates to positions. You will be compensated for each candidate who secures a job, and the process is streamlined and effortless. Our recruitment is designed with recruiters in mind, facilitating communication, paperwork collection and candidates contact.
    There is no limit to the number of candidates you can propose to employers. There will always be open vacancies for which you can search for suitable candidates. While there is the highest demand for technical workers, there are also opportunities in production, logistics, and other services.
    Hire Abroad has already onboarded several reputable recruitment companies, including Robin, Mokka Recruitment, Darbai Svetur and many others. We continuously seek serious recruitment companies to join our platform, expanding our network of trusted partners.

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