About Hire Abroad

Hire Abroad is a global company that connects recruiters, employers, and job seekers in one platform. We revolutionise the way international recruiting is done in Europe by simplifying the process and allowing all parties to focus on what they do best.
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Our story

A few years ago, an employment agency approached us with a request to manage their recruiters. Despite our initial hesitation, we recognized the opportunity to support both recruiters and employers in the international recruitment market. We came up with the idea of creating a specifically-designed, user-friendly platform that will help both recruiters and employers achieve their goals. Today, Hire Abroad is no longer just an idea — it’s a reality. Leveraging our platform and years of industry experience, we are dedicated to transforming the European international recruitment market and empowering recruiters and employers to excel in their endeavors.

Our values

Keep Your Promises

We follow through with our word and create realistic expectations that we match in reality.

Lead with Data and Knowledge

We are knowledgeable and use data to make decisions. We learn every day and gladly share our knowledge with others.

Long-Term Always Beats Short-Term

We strive for long-term relationships and make decisions that benefit all parties in the long run.

We Hear You. We Get You. We’re Here For You.

We care about our clients and each other. We are here to listen and provide help when needed.

Meet the Team

Johan van Zutphen

CEO & Co-Founder

Ricardas Tenenė

Sales / Co-Founder

Kristine Valtere

Client Experience Team Lead

Ahmed Al Ansar

Front-end Developer

Ammad Amjad

Front-end Developer

Ali Ahmed

Front-end Developer

Khadra Albadawe

Junior Full Stack Developer

Jovan Grujić

Finance Manager

Kerolos Emad

Backend Developer

Tonka Stipanić

Finance Support Specialist

Jovana Kalezić

Tech Support and Onboarding Specialist

Tamara Klimek

Planning Support Specialist

Gundega Petrvoska


Dóra Kovács

Technical Planner

Andjela Pavlović

Sales Support Specialist

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