First Stop: Hire Abroad Visits 10 Agencies in The Netherlands

It is a busy time of the year for Hire Abroad. We are preparing for our launch in April, and there are a lot of things to do. 

We checked one thing off of our list. Our team visited ten agencies in the Netherlands in the past week, and here’s a quick recap of our trip! 

Employment Agencies Welcomed Hire Abroad Team

Hire Abroad visits Covebo
Hire Abroad with Covebo team

Staying in touch with the employment agencies that work with us is essential for multiple reasons.

We need to make sure that their needs are met and to convey all of the information to the recruiters who are working on Hire Abroad or plan to start so that they know, as well, how to find them the best candidates. 

Our connections with some of the agencies go way back, while some cooperations are more recent. Either way, it was a great experience for everyone involved, and we were pretty happy with our visit. 

Points of Discussion

Hire Abroad team having dinner with Wiertz representatives
Our technical planners Fernando, Gundega and product owner Kristine sit down with Agnes and Anna from Wiertz and their recruiters.

During the course of our stay in the Netherlands, we talked about the recruitment market trends and came up with the estimates for this year. 

A majority of candidates are interested in working abroad during spring, summer, and autumn, which is also when companies need workers most. It comes as no surprise then to hear that January and February were slow for the recruitment of flex workers—but this year, it was slower than usual. What we heard from our partners is that demand will grow as we approach spring this year, and they will be looking for more foreign workers. 

Although companies are careful not to hire too many people because of the energy crisis and supply issues, they are looking to increase diversity and recruit more with internal recruitment agencies, which is great news for everyone.

Furthermore, we addressed some of the challenges in international recruitment and what the best way to solve them is. 

One of the recurring challenges is confirmation speed. Sometimes, candidates wait for longer periods of time before they receive the message that they got the job. And it can take them even longer until they actually relocate and start working, whereas employers usually look for an immediate start.

Some other challenges include finding potentially the best candidates for specific employers, evaluating different candidates and identifying areas for improvement, and understanding how to onboard the recruitment agencies with all the things the employers need. 

At the end of the day, Hire Abroad works with both employment and recruitment agencies to perfect the candidate journey for the satisfaction of all parties that participate in the process. The talks were productive and beneficial for everyone! 

We Had High Expectations: Employment Agencies Met Them

We visited International Hospitality to talk business
Our team before the meeting with Olga, Cenna and Lieke from I-Hospitality

Most of the agencies that our team visited have been around, and so far, our cooperation has been smooth and fruitful for everyone. 

Coming to the Netherlands to talk business filled us with some high expectations for the upcoming year, and we must admit: 

We were not disappointed.

The agencies were more than willing to show us inside their factories and warehouses, and we could see the workers firsthand and talk to them. 

In front of HalduGroep
Kristine and Fernando ready to do what they do best

Some of the workers we spoke to were recruited by our partners, and they shared positive and inspiring stories. They were satisfied with their accommodation, working hours, and conditions. Overall, they quickly grew accustomed to life in the Netherlands. 

For example, our team met Ivan, who works in Heerlen, the southernmost part of the Netherlands. Ivan shared his story and said that since his arrival he has gotten a direct contract with the agency and is now part of their driver team. After some time working with the agency, he relocated his wife and their baby to the Netherlands as well. 

To make it easier for the workers, one agency organised a training centre that helps workers get familiar with the job for a few days before they start working. This is a nice buffer zone for the international workers, especially the ones who have never been in the Netherlands, as they have a chance to get some basic training before the work starts. 

Enjoying the Netherlands 

Fernando and Gundega trying seafood
Seefood is excellent in the Netherlands

We had a busy few days and have done most of our team building in our rental VW T-Cross (luckily, we got this spacious car and not the cheaper option we initially booked), driving around the Netherlands. Some of the meetings were official, while the others were hangouts over dinner where we talked business and simply enjoyed some time together. 

Moreover, we managed to catch up with Johan, our CEO, who’s been spending some time in the Netherlands, and together we saw the windmills and ate a lot of great food. We can officially say–we got the best out of this visit to the Netherlands.

We came home tired but happy with everything we’d achieved. 

Making sure that only the best employment and recruitment agencies join Hire Abroad is our priority, and we look forward to similar visits and touchpoints!

Stay tuned with Hire Abroad and expect more updates about the launch. If you want to ensure you join us in the first wave, schedule a call with our team so we can onboard you early!


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