Bridging the Gap: How Can German Employers Tap Into Skilled European Workforce

In today’s competitive job market, German employers are increasingly struggling to fill positions with local talent alone. As the need for skilled workers continues to grow, businesses can’t afford to overlook the potential of hiring from abroad.

The international workforce brings a vast array of skills and experiences that can significantly benefit companies and the economy, especially in sectors with a critical shortage of local labor.

From identifying the talent you need to finding and hiring the best candidates, this is your guide for tapping into the European blue-collar workforce.

Is Hiring International Staff Worth It?

Despite the fact that opening up for international recruitment has resulted in the growth of many businesses, some German employers remain hesitant to do so and question whether it’s worth it. Several reasons contribute to that.

Language Barrier

One of them is the language barrier. The fear that communication issues could hamper productivity holds many back. This is very common among German employers, where knowledge of the local language is required for most roles, even if it isn’t necessary for the job.

This requirement alone significantly narrows down the pool of potential candidates, and as a result, many vacancies across Germany remain unfilled. The truth is, English is usually more than sufficient for effective communication in most blue-collar positions. 

Consider this: if only this condition were relaxed, many qualified workers from across Europe could easily integrate into the German labour market.

Legal Complexities

Another common misunderstanding is that the process is overly complicated and fraught with legal obstacles. While it’s true that international hiring comes with its own set of challenges, including navigating residential and work permits, these are far from impossible to overcome.

In fact, with the right recruitment partner, these processes can be streamlined, making them easier than many employers initially believe. Top recruitment agencies can get ahold of all needed documentation for EU candidates within 15 minutes.

Relocation and Integration

Relocation logistics and ensuring a smooth transition for international hires are valid concerns. The process can be challenging both for you and the candidates if you are unfamiliar with international hiring and employee relocation.

A common misconception is that employers must handle logistics themselves. On the contrary, there are international employment agencies specialising in helping workers settle abroad and organise their accommodation and transportation. 

Your job boils down to finding a trustworthy recruitment agency that will take care of all the logistics for you. 

The Worth It Factor

While challenges in international recruitment exist, they also offer a chance to strengthen the company’s culture, broaden the team’s perspectives, and improve adaptability and problem-solving skills across the board.

We’ll show you the benefits of an international team for your company, as well as how we solve any challenges that might occur for German companies that join Hire Abroad.

What Can International Staff Do for Your Company?

There’s more to opening up to international recruitment than filling immediate vacancies. Hiring global talent brings many benefits, including improved performance and strong employer branding.

Qualified Talent for Jobs in Remote Locations

Germany is considered one of the most favorable countries to work abroad among international workers. With a years-long reputation, global talent is willing to work even in the less populated areas of the country, where massive companies often struggle to fill vacancies with local talent alone.

German employers can take a page from the Dutch book here: consider the Flevoland region in the Netherlands, where massive new greenhouses have been built, attracting a significant number of international workers to apply and work in these positions. 

Similarly, new warehouses focused on online shops often choose locations with sparse populations. In such areas, foreign workers play a pivotal role in bridging the gap big employers create in the labour market.

Motivation and Clear Focus

International workers tend to be more motivated than local talent. They usually have a specific financial goal in mind, which is a critical factor in their decision to take a significant step and move abroad.  

As a result, they are more committed to the job and less prone to failure. This strong motivation is a valuable asset for German employers who want to boost productivity and commitment in their workforce. 

Diversity on the Work Floor

The advantage of cultural diversity within an organisation cannot be overstated. Beyond the well-known benefits of increased creativity and team adaptability, international workers bring unique perspectives and sets of skills, which can prove invaluable in the long run.

From being able to stay open during traditional holidays to getting firsthand insights on a market you want to expand into, you can think of various examples of how an international team improves the company’s culture and performance. 

Moreover, by welcoming international blue-collar talent, German companies can overcome common challenges and turn them into long-term wins for their companies.

Tap Into the European Market with Hire Abroad

Hire Abroad is a global platform that connects recruiters, employers, and job seekers, allowing all parties involved to streamline the recruitment process and achieve positive outcomes.

We have decades of experience in the industry, with over 40,000 satisfied candidates who went abroad to work at our trusted partners in Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands.

Our partners in these countries rely on us to connect them with trustworthy professionals and find the best candidates for their business. This is how you, too, can tap into the European workforce with Hire Abroad.

Access the Vast Network of Recruiters

Having access to a large network of recruiters capable of sourcing the right candidates from all across Europe is essential. German employers often have fairly strict criteria for their hires, such as fluency in German and the necessity of providing one’s own car to Germany. 

You need a broad network of recruiters and an extensive candidate database to find individuals who meet these specific requirements, and Hire Abroad plays a crucial role in facilitating this process.

We have already onboarded dozens of recruiters and agencies with proven track records, and more are joining our platform daily.

Enjoy Cost-effective and Streamlined Recruitment

Hire Abroad makes it easy to minimise recruitment costs and find the best candidates for your vacancies. All you have to do is send us your job opening, and we will handle everything else.

That includes translating and distributing your vacancies to recruiters in 14 European countries so they can start looking for an ideal candidate. Thanks to an automated matching system, recruiters can pitch job seekers who perfectly fit your position.

You can always review the status of your vacancy while you wait to receive all the necessary documents to create a contract and prepare for the candidate’s arrival. Once everything is completed, get ready to welcome your new colleagues.

Pave Your Way for the Internationalisation of the Company

With Hire Abroad, you can easily broaden your company’s international reach, as we don’t limit our candidate search to a specific country but explore talent all over Europe.

Having people from diverse countries and backgrounds on your team fosters a rich international culture that attracts new international workers and helps establish your company’s global employer branding.

Follow the Steps of German Employers Already Hiring from Abroad

There’s no guessing with Hire Abroad – you know you have a reliable partner who can match you with suitable international candidates to join your team. If you’re new to hiring from abroad or working with a recruitment agency, it helps to hear the stories of those already there.

Our dear partner, Sport Tiedje – a retail warehouse in Germany, shared her referral after two years of working with us:

“We started working with Hire Abroad in March 2022. From the selection process to the introductory talks and up to the arrival and hiring, we felt very well cared for and supported. After almost two years of (so far only) Spanish colleagues in Germany, we can say that the integration has worked well, and the project is a complete success. We can recommend Hire Abroad with a clear conscience.”

If you’re a German employer looking to hire European talent, we can help you streamline the recruitment process and have qualified candidates ready to work in your company shortly.

Way Forward for German Employers

To recruit international talent effectively, German employers need to reconsider their requirements and focus on what’s truly essential for the job. 

Reassessing Hiring Requirements

Go back to the basics if you’re looking to hire new employees. Identify the truly important requirements and discard those that aren’t needed. Avoid overly strict criteria; instead, focus on a broader pool of talented individuals and select those who align with your business needs.

Outsourcing Non-Core Business Functions

Focus on your core business and try to outsource all the side activities to other companies that can do it more efficiently and, therefore, more cost-effectively. That way, you can manage more tasks with fewer people and prepare the business for future growth.

Consider how much collaborating with a recruitment agency that specialises in international hiring can streamline the process. An agency can help navigate any complexities, including legal and logistical challenges.

Offering Relocation Support

Offering support with logistics like housing and transportation can make a significant difference for your company. 

So far, German companies have been less proactive than their Dutch and Belgian colleagues in assisting with accommodation and transportation, making it harder for foreign workers to relocate there. 

Assisting with accommodation, transportation, and integration into the new role and the country can make your company stand out to international candidates.

Employer Branding and Preparing for the Future

In a globalized job market, German businesses must view themselves as more than just employers—they are ambassadors of their country. Similarly, the country’s reputation influences the interest of international workers in moving and working there.

To attract blue-collar workers, especially when salaries in other countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark are higher, employers need to create compelling value propositions.

Relying solely on the strong reputation of the German industrial sector may no longer be sufficient. Instead, businesses need to focus on offering attractive conditions, including housing, transportation, and competitive salaries.

Moreover, the language requirement can pose a challenge, especially for younger generations. As fewer foreign workers speak German, choosing English as a primary language in the workplace can bridge this gap and make German vacancies more accessible to a broader talent pool.

Find Qualified Talent on Hire Abroad

International recruitment is no longer just an option but a necessity for German companies looking to grow and compete on a global scale. The benefits of hiring international talent are evident, from filling immediate vacancies to improving workplace productivity.

However, the process can seem daunting without the right partner. Hire Abroad is here to guide you through every step, from reevaluating your hiring criteria to ensuring a smooth transition for your international hires.

Are you ready to explore the potential of the international talent pool? Contact Hire Abroad today to discuss how we can help you expand your workforce and achieve your business goals.


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