Spin for the Win: Hire Abroad Spins off of Robin

Over the years, Robin has become a household name in the international recruitment business. However, the company’s focus is on candidates looking for jobs.

To create the best possible experience for your employment and recruitment agencies, we developed Hire Abroad – a platform tailored to revolutionize international recruiting in Europe.

In this update, you’ll learn more about the following three things:

  • The Company Spin-Off
  • Development Updates
  • Launch Date!

Let’s dive right in:

Hire Abroad Spins Off to Become the Best International Recruitment Platform 

The international recruitment market in Europe has a lot of room for improvement. In the last few years, several top-notch agencies have asked us to help them organize their external recruiters.

Agencies wanted to ensure that they hired good people without spending a lot of time looking for them.

On the other hand, recruiters had trouble with agencies and employers that had unrealistic expectations and offered poor working conditions. 

Hence, their number one goal was to earn money, not worrying too much about the satisfaction of candidates and employment agencies.

The solution was to create a unified platform that would ease the pains of both sides – recruiters and employment agencies alike.

So, we’ve done just that.

It is now official!

Robin spins off to Hire Abroad

It is exciting to share that the spin-off of Robin was completed, and Hire Abroad was created with you in mind.

Hand-picked recruiters will have a chance to work with highly-valued and trustworthy employment agencies toward one common goal → providing job opportunities to blue-collar workers all over Europe.

All employment agencies will have to do is prepare vacancies and, later, paperwork. Meanwhile, recruiters will look for the best candidates possible.

They will not step into each other’s realm.

Development Updates

Making the new platform was not a walk in the park, but we are thrilled to announce that all the processes are in place.

From the start, we knew what we wanted to achieve and what features you’d have once you came on board, so this was more of a technical task.

Furthermore, the flows and designs are visually finished, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback on how everything looks.

All we need to do is test the new system and put the finishing touches on it before the launch. 

From day one, you will have a platform that has been tried and tested. This will help you work efficiently and reach your recruitment goals.

When can you expect it?

We are yet to set the exact date, but you can expect Hire Abroad to be launched in Q1 of 2023

So far, everything has gone as planned, and we’re not expecting any delays.

As time passes, we will have more details on the exact date, and we cannot wait to share them!

Stay Tuned

Are you as excited as we are?

In the upcoming months, you will be able to read more company updates on our blog.

Here, we will also share some market insights and other helpful information about international recruitment, as well as tips and tricks on how to be successful in this industry.


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