Hire Abroad Signs New Deals As the Platform Launch Nears 

We have been working hard in the last few weeks to get the Hire Abroad platform ready for launch. So far, we’ve been cooperating with our recruiting partners to test the platform and develop features and dashboards that our clients and partners will use. 

In this short article, we wanted to share some updates about Hire Abroad—what we are working on to become Europe’s best international recruitment platform. 

Hire Abroad Hires New Colleagues

As we started developing Hire Abroad, we gathered an experienced team of people who know the industry well and are experts at their jobs. However, as the project got bigger, we needed to look for some help. 

Hire Abroad is happy to announce that we have hired Tonka and Jovana. They will help the agencies get started and give them the technical support they need. 

In addition, Hire Abroad welcomes Kerolos, a backend developer who helped us pick up where we left off and accelerated the process as we get closer to the launch. 

Testing and Platform Developments

Before we launch the platform, we need to ensure everything runs smoothly. We are actively working on our platform developments, and it is time to share more about what you can expect to find. 

Hire Abroad will have four dashboards: 

  1. Admin
  2. Jobseeker
  3. Recruiter
  4. Empoyment Agency


The designs for all four dashboards are complete, and the admin is the first fully finished dashboard. We have already tested it and fixed the bugs that appeared during the development process. Admin is ready to be used. 


Our backend team is working on their final tasks as the testers run some final tests. The jobseeker dashboard will be useful to candidates and is currently being finished. 


We are still working on the recruiter dashboard to ensure it works well and has all the features you will use. One round of testing is finished, but we are currently working on proposing candidates to employment agencies and recruiter flow, which we will wrap up in the following two weeks. 

We asked our partner recruitment agencies for help building and testing the recruiter dashboard. These are the experienced recruiters we have worked with in the past, and they know exactly what the platform must contain to meet the needs of recruiters. 

As you can see, recruitment agencies will have the best platform to help them get more jobs and make more money. 

Employment Agency

The employment agency dashboard is also in the works, and just like it is the case with recruiters, we are developing the dashboard with our partners to find the best solution for everyone.

New Deals on Both Fronts

Every week, our waiting list gets longer as more recruitment agencies share their interest in joining Hire Abroad. They are waiting for the onboarding process to start. 

But more importantly, Hire Abroad joins forces with two more employment agencies from the Netherlands and Belgium! 

This means more openings for recruiters to fill! 

One of the employment agencies is actively looking for people to work in greenhouses in the south of the Netherlands, and the Belgium agency focuses on technical recruitment. Our Hire Abroad team plans to visit them by the end of February to check the working conditions and accommodation they will provide for the candidates. 

We’ll Keep You Updated

With a lot going on, we want you to follow our blog, where you will receive regular updates. But there’s much more to it! 

Soon, we will start posting some market insights and sharing our industry knowledge with you! This will help the recruiters figure out how to overcome challenges, grow their company, deal with different situations, and ultimately use Hire Abroad to its maximum potential. 

We’re revolutionizing how international recruitment in Europe is done, and you’re a big part of that!


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