After Brexit, Darbai Svetur Switches Easily From the UK to the Netherlands Through Hire Abroad

Darbai Svetur, an experienced recruitment agency from Lithuania, was one of the recruiting businesses hit by Brexit. After the UK left the EU, entering the country for work has become much more difficult. The company had partnerships with employers in the UK, and suddenly they were forced to look for opportunities elsewhere.

This is when they tried pitching business in the Netherlands, but the process was very time-consuming and they wanted to offer more opportunities to their candidates. Soon after, they joined Hire Abroad, which opened up the new market and extended the number of jobs they could provide to job seekers.

Let’s explore the journey of Darbai Svetur and what else they received from Hire Abroad throughout the process.


Key Achievements


  • Darbai Svetur expands into the Dutch market after the UK leaves the EU.
  • The agency saves time on pitching new clients, negotiating, and sending proposals.
  • The jobs they offer to candidates increase significantly.
  • Onboarding is smooth thanks to organised daily calls with the Hire Abroad team.
  • Platform features allow Darbai Svetur agents to organise and plan better, thus matching more candidates.
  • A large number of returning candidates.


About Darbai Svetur


Gintarė Januškaitė established Darbai Svetur 13 years ago, with the company’s base in Lithuania. Their aim was to help people find jobs internationally. Nowadays, Darbai Svetur is one of the better-known names in Lithuania when it comes to recruiting.

They have partners who are looking for workers all over the world. If you register on Darbai Svetur, you will find job opportunities from 18 European countries as well as the USA, Australia, the Middle East, and the UAE. They cover a variety of different industries, including production, logistics, the automotive industry, hospitality, etc.


Challenges Darbai Svetur Faced Prior to Joining Hire Abroad


The United Kingdom was the most popular destination for job seekers who were looking for international recruitment opportunities via Darbai Svetur. After Brexit, everything changed, and the Netherlands became “the new UK”.

In the words of Gintarė: “So, more and more people were inquiring about the jobs in the Netherlands, and they were attracted to the salaries and working conditions. Also, the Netherlands was closer to home than the UK, which was also something people would take into consideration.

Darbai Svetur owner, Gintarė Januškaitė
Darbai Svetur owner, Gintarė Januškaitė

We saw a demand, so we needed to react to it and regroup our job offers. Because, as I mentioned before, you know that our main recruiting base was in the United Kingdom, but now we needed to connect with employment agencies in the Netherlands by ourselves. That wasn’t enough because we had limited job offers, and we wanted to provide a variety of options for our job seekers to choose from,” added Gintarė.

Contacting new agencies and signing new partnerships isn’t foreign to experienced business owners such as Gintarė. But even with all the know-how, this is a long and complicated process, which Hire Abroad solved immediately thanks to the large base of companies looking for candidates on the platform.

When Darbai Svetur saw all the agencies from the Netherlands that the Hire Abroad team was connected to, they knew that this was what they needed. Joining Hire Abroad saved them many hours, and they skipped several phases of the common practice, which include:

  • Sending proposals
  • Making connections
  • Negotiating
  • Signing a contract


When Did Darbai Svetur Start Recruiting for Hire Abroad?


Darbai Svetur is one of the first companies to join and work on Hire Abroad, and it is the company that has assisted us with testing and provided us with feedback regarding our features (which we are thankful for!).

However, in their 13 year-run, they’ve never used a similar platform or service. What they did was partner up with other recruiters and recruitment companies and help them fill the vacancies.

Although similar to what Hire Abroad does, this experience was very different for Darbai Svetur – it was pretty old-fashioned and straightforward. All they did was help agencies fill specific vacancies by finding suitable candidates, but there was no follow up, no overview, or anything similar to that.

According to the Darbai Svetur owner: “With Hire Abroad, this is on a different level.”

And at the moment, the agency has 341 people under their name, including recruiters and candidates, partly thanks to their staying active and partly due to the fact that there are a large number of vacancies and a high job variety, which allows Darbai Svetur’s recruiters to be busy.


What’s The Onboarding Experience and What Can Other Recruiters Expect?


At no point during the onboarding process was Gintarė left alone. The process was smooth, and the support she received throughout exceeded her expectations. She had daily calls with the assigned support team member, who helped her understand the ins and outs of the platform.

She said: “When you receive help when you need it, when you ask questions that are answered immediately, it is hard to complain.”


The Biggest Benefits for Darbai Svetur


Other than tapping into the Dutch market quickly, the biggest benefit for Darbai Svetur is that they expanded the assortment of job offers they could pitch to job seekers. Having a large number of vacancies from different sectors to send to their clients is something the recruiter was after, and this has been one of their primary goals ever since Brexit.

They managed to achieve that thanks to Hire Abroad and their joint cooperation.


Outstanding Features They Didn’t Expect


Hire Abroad does offer a large number of features for recruiters to use. And each recruiter will have their favourites.

Gintarė loved two things in particular. Before she started cooperating with Hire Abroad, she didn’t have high expectations. She thought that her company would receive vacancies it could fill and that all they had to do was deliver the candidates.

However, that was far from it. In fact, she describes Hire Abroad as “a well-functioning mechanism”.

According to Gintarė, the platform is easy to use and well-organised. You can see everything relevant to what you do – the number of people a company needs, the people who got accepted, the people who accepted the offer, and ultimately whom the agency picked.

This allowed Darbai Svetur recruiters to navigate and plan their day better, as well as plan which candidates to look for next.

There was one more thing she loved. Perhaps the best is to hear this one from her, directly:


How much did the NPS of the candidates or their stay on the job increase?


The assortment of job offers Hire Abroad provides allowed Darbai Svetur to have “returning candidates”.

There’s more to this than earning money. Returning candidates make your life easier because you don’t have to search for new candidates every time. Also, this creates additional value, and Darbai Svetur’s goal has always been to help people find good job opportunities that would help them improve their lives.

It is important for candidates to see that they are a priority. The advice from Darbai Svetur is: to be a successful recruiter, you need to provide candidates with multiple job offers to choose from instead of trying to convince them to agree to a job, which usually happens when the offer is limited. Thanks to Hire Abroad, the agency now always has access to a large number of jobs, which makes a big difference in recruiting, and they have had lots of returning candidates.

Candidates themselves are approaching the agency to find them better jobs and opportunities because they know about their extensive offer and their client-first approach, making them proud of what they do and how they are changing people’s lives for the better! At Hire Abroad, we’re just glad to be a part of that.


Should Other Recruiters Follow Darbai Svetur and Join Hire Abroad?


Hire Abroad logo
Hire Abroad logo


To end the conversation, we asked if she liked the platform and if she would recommend it to other recruiters and recruitment companies.

She said: “Yeah, definitely. Because the platform is, as I said, very well-organised and very easy to use. There are also a variety of job offers and an amazing team that will support you. So yeah, just all good things to say.” 

If you want to join Darbai Svetur and other recruiters who are thriving through Hire Abroad, make sure you get in touch with us so we can schedule an introduction meeting with you.

Happy recruiting!


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